August 2007

In an opinion piece in this week’s The Zimbabwe Independent one Amanda Atwood of Harare thinks opinion leaders shouldn’t stoke the fire of paranoia surrounding the Interception of Communications Act.


For the thin line between journalism, politics, and prison in Zimbabwe click here

Pamuzinda Productions is opening the eyes of the world to the political, economic and social issues facing Rwanda through its current affairs programme Eye on Africa. For more click here

I’ve always noticed something fundamentally wrong with how Zimbabwe is reported. Alas, I’m not the only one. For more click here

In the past month Zimbabwe lost three important media personalities who contributed immensely to the development of the newspaper sector in the country.


Zimbabwe has passed a new electronic surveillance law that requires telcos help law enforcement agencies stay technologically savvy to the chagrin of some who say it will inhibit the free exchange of news and opinions, particularly on matters of a political nature.


Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) has entered the mobile revolution by rolling-out the country’s first public wireless hotspots, something that will change the face of surfing in the country.


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